dan lasata
Dan grew up in a small town in New Hampshire and started creating/painting when he was a child. He did his first when he was seven and realized art was an outlet of escape, to get away from it all. With his drawing, he was able to slip away into the world he was creating and escape reality. He drew things that complimented that little world, gave a window into another way of living, perhaps. For years, his art was his tool for coping.
Years later, when faced with a tough situation for which he needed to clear his head and process what was happening, he returned to that world of creativity and picked up a brush. That return to his art led to his first showing at Cafe Bohemia in St. Petersburg, Fla.
From that first show and on to countless more, Dan’s constant journey  has taught him lessons in an education he wouldn’t find in any kind of a school building.
His work is heavily influenced by skateboard art. He would walk into skate shops and just look at the walls of boards, picking each one out individually to study the lines of all those influential artists. In addition to his skateboard art influences, he’s seen and loved the works of an eclectic group of other artists like Thomas Campbell, Shel Silverstein, Wassily Kandinsky, Helen Kilgaalen, and Pollock.