seamus leonard
Since 1987 I have been working in sketchbooks, making thumbnail size drawings, regular page size drawings and illustrations, underground comic books and paintings. My recent work since 2015 to present date has been strictly drawing an Environmental Collage (A Surrealist cartoon comic book) and translating certain imagery and frames of the sketch book-comic book into paintings. The difference between the painting and the comic book is the pallet of color in the painting vs. the black and white ink of the comic book. In each painting there exists and open ended or non-linear narrative outside of composition light and color. I attempt and make each painting (outside of imagery) stand alone. By certain chance each painting, when viewed, and is arranged next to each other on the wall, tends to tell more than one story. Between style and composition the narrative between paintings and drawings become apparent and tend to venture off in all sorts of directions. This can lead the viewer in to any poetic story line arrangement the viewer has in their mind or imagination. In one year from the summer of 2017-2018 I have made over 100 paintings on board and canvas and over 72 pages of surrealist comics. I am working on the next 22 paintings at present. I am also collaborating with a Rochester poet on a 101 frame illustration of his recent poem.

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